Energy Efficiency
Bidgely utilizes a unique combination of appliance-level insights, recommendations, and notifications to achieve reliable, proven energy efficiency results.
Educate with Itemization
What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. With Universal Disaggregation, Bidgely provides consumers with personalized appliance-level energy usage information prioritized by cost.
Motivate with Insights
Using disaggregation as a key input, Bidgely’s analytics engine creates insights for each consumer to identify the greatest opportunities for savings
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Empower with Actions

Bidgely’s analytics engine then leverages the personalized insights to generate recommendations for each home based on a sophisticated scoring mechanism. This scoring mechanism uses a variety of factors including weather, home profile, and appliance profile, to ensure that every consumer receives dynamic recommendations optimized for savings potential, implementation cost, and implementation effort.
Engage with Timely Interactions
Reinforce Savings
Through disaggregation, Bidgely can accurately identify the reduction in appliance usage, and close the loop with each consumer by acknowledging savings, thereby reinforcing behavior.
Maintain Engagement
As energy consumption changes over time, Bidgely’s disaggregation technology dynamically updates insights and recommendations based on actual appliance usage, further building engagement.


With energy efficiency results ranging from 2.25% to 7.7%, Bidgely’s solution is proven to generate savings using a scalable approach, and we’ve shown that engaged consumers save more.