Behavioral Demand Response
Scalable peak load shift at low cost
Maximize reach to all via their channel of choice
Unlike direct load control or thermostat-based programs, Bidgely’s BDR doesn’t require any hardware, making it an accessible, zero-cost solution for all consumers, including renters and those with lower income. And Bidgely uses consistent messaging across SMS, email, and mobile app to reach participants via their preferred channel.
Gamify Engagement
Bidgely’s DR solution uses gamification to make saving fun. Key to the success is personal goals that are based on historical usage, using disaggregation to identify shiftable load by appliance. Then to continue to motivate consumers during the event to encourage participation and reduce drop-off. And finally closing the engagement loop with results to reinforce behavior.


Bidgely has seen significant results from utility deployment of its behavioral DR solution, ranging from 29% to 43% peak load shift.